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Who am I?

I am Daniel D’Laine and I have been marketing (selling things) online since the early nineties.

If you are new to internet marketing (or not) this blog will provide you with a sound base for learning exactly how to set up a website and sell things online. (and stay Google safe)

I can show you how to set up a simple blog like this one, or more specialised niche sites complete with opt-in forms and giveaway and premium content.  I can also tell you what ‘not’ to do!

I am a genuine internet marketer who believes in good business practice. I hate unnecessary hype and do not use it on this one or any of my sites. It’s a pet hate of mine! It’s not business-like and you can bet that if someone says ‘this is the best thing ever’ – it won’t be!!

Stay well clear of hype! You don’t see Amazon web pages full of banners bouncing all over the page telling you that if you don’t buy their products ‘immediately’ you’ll be missing the opportunity of a lifetime or if you don’t buy something from them within ‘the next three minutes’ it will never be available again – ever!!

Contrary to what you might hear, you can not make £££££’s in three clicks of the mouse or in two hours flat and yes, you ‘do’ need to know something about the internet, computers and software if you are to succeed, or if you don’t want to spend all your money on outsourcing!

Pay no attention to all the poor-quality, low-res images of massive ClickBank earnings snapshots showing $1000’s on one day, $1000’s on the next etc. I can knock one of those up in two minutes flat and that’s what all the “gurus” that display them do!

When you’re walking down the high street you don’t get local businessmen running up to you and saying; ‘Look at my payslip from last week! Look what I earned!’.  Why should it happen on the internet? It shouldn’t!

Have you opened webpages to hear the words ‘You don’t deserve to be here’?  Well, they’re right – you deserve to be somewhere much better, like here, where you can read genuine ‘grounded’ advice in all different areas of internet marketing!

On the blog you will find useful giveaways and many posts on marketing techniques, technical how-to’s, general marketing trends and current internet related news.


Recent Giveaways

Internet Marketing Products Giveaway

Ten great products to help you with your online marketing.  This download includes an (unlimited) Autoresponder script, Affiliate toolbox creator, An ezine publisher, Podcast assistant, graphics pack and much, much more. More info

Social Media Collection

Five full ebooks showing how to get the most out of Facebook and Twitter and Social Media in general. Some of these ebooks are still being marketed for up to $29.99. More info

Thirty Great Products

Thirty full PDF’s on many aspects of internet marketing including: PPC, Resell Rights, Articles, Affiliate Marketing, Podcasts, RSS Feeds and many more. More info

Niche Template Download

These are some of the very best niche styled themes and templates available.
There’s a download for WordPress and for Blogger platforms.

Includes over 120MB worth of templates. Download

The ClickBank Collection

Eight full PDF’s on how to use ClickBank for maximum profits including books on the marketplace, product creation and selling and how your ClickBank mindset should be. More info


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If you want notifying whenever I post a new giveaway, use one of the register boxes and you’ll be sent ‘direct’ download links to new giveaways – no opt-ins or subscriptions required.

On this site, if it’s free — it’s Free!


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