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Tuition by Daniel D’Laine

Simple, subject-specific one-to-one tuition using Skype.

I use the word ‘tuition’ as coaching is more facilitating in nature and people new to internet marketing often need to be ‘told’ how to do something rather than being ‘helped along’ with it.

There are no fixed full courses available at the minute as times change and courses need to be updated but I am currently open to any tuition requests in any area of internet marketing.

These would normally be Skype based, fitting around our mutual requirements, i.e. one-off sessions on a particular subject, planned weekly sessions for a set period covering online marketing basics, or ad-hoc, per chance that I’m available, for a quick problem solving Skype session.

My average tuition fees are in the region of £20 per hour which is negotiable depending on the subject and £30 for more advanced programming requirements.

Example for someone new to internet marketing:

Niche sites are currently showing an upward trend.

If you know your way around a computer but know nothing about internet marketing and would like to know how to set up your own niche website, get it highly ranked on Google and get free traffic to it, I can walk you through that exact process step-by-step covering the whole process in full and more!

Typical cost for this: My fees, based on £20 per hour would amount to around £200.

A correctly chosen niche can recover that cost in one day!

… and don’t forget, when you have finished one site, making money online is a simple case of sticking at it by repeating the process. Many successful online marketers have made their fortunes by making ‘hundreds’ of small sites in carefully chosen niche areas.

As always, I deliver a hype-free service, never disclose information about my own income or niche sites and never sell my own products on teaching sessions.

If you would like more details regarding teaching in any area of internet marketing, or if you have any specific tuition requests, be it website design, HTML problems, Blogging, squeeze pages, SEO, setting up Buy Now buttons, social media integration etc. email me and I’ll be happy to go over any of your ideas and give a quote.

Daniel D’Laine

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